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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Why are there little breaks in the engravings and they are not continuous?

A- The engraving is made by passing a laser over a metal stencil attached to the gemstone. If there were no bridges to keep the stencil intact, parts of it would fall away.Take the case of the letter O for example. If there were no bridges keeping the center attached to the open channel of the stencil that is the O, the center would not be there and the laser would engrave that space as well. Then instead of the curved line that makes the letter you would have a solid oval engraving.


Q- What is so special about the cut of your engraved gemstones?

A- To begin with there were no natural gemstones in the marketplace that were cut like this- double sided with two tables and crowns. The cut was designed just for this purpose by Robert Leser. The idea evolved from an exclusive collection he did for Blue Nile called Windows for which he designed octagonal two sided gemstones that also were not available and were custom cut for him.


Q-How do the colors of your stones that we see online compare to what we receive in an order?

A- There are always differences in natural gemstones and since we use a narrow range of color we did our best to exhibit online (as viewed on our HD monitor)  the average color of what we deliver. The main difference between what you see when you design a piece and the actual thumbnail images below your design is the transparency. The beauty of every piece is that you can see through it and the engraving appears to be floating inside. But to look uniform throughout the website all of the custom jewelry design images were created without transparency. 


Q- Can I place an order for a custom engraving?

A-Yes, if you are willing to bear the onetime setup costs that range from $250 to $600 depending upon the intricacy of the design. There are limitations, however, to the size of a symbol and words cannot be more than four letters to be easily read.  As you can see, if we can do the Chinese symbol for love we can do most things. If you a interested in producing a large quantity for a corporate gift for example, call our customer service department to discuss the custom jewelry design.


Q- I want to add a charm to my bracelet. How do you suggest I do that?

A- We include a very small oval split ring (like a key ring) that is the same color metal as the charm. At checkout there is a comment box where you can ask us to attach it to the charm and then you can complete the attachment to the bracelet upon receipt.