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The Designer and the Concept

LovePendants is an all new product line in the fine jewelry market. It is the brainchild of award winning designer Robert Leser, who is also the creative force behind the Color Story brand of fine jewelry.

 Inventing something new in an old industry steeped in tradition and tradecraft is rare. Creating a new cut of stone and devising the method to permanently engrave in a new way almost anything that will fit on the surface makes LovePendants that new and rare thing.

It has always been Robert’s mission to forge ahead into areas of custom jewelry design that are new and innovative and that present and future generations will find appealing. We hope you think he succeeded with the LovePendants collection.

The Product

The quality of our unique custom cut Swarovski crystal and workmanship is top notch.  These made-to-order pieces are manufactured in our New York offices using ethically sourced materials with the attention to detail and quality.